Welcome to Georgia’s 8th District

Welcome from the Chairman

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Georgia’s Eighth Congressional District Republican Party. We invite you to check us out and, if you agree with what you see, to join us. You’ll find links to our twenty-three county parties and to our district officers. Feel free to contact us with any questions or you might have. We want you to be involved and to help us build a better future.Our goal is to help grow the Republican Party in this part of the state, not for the sake of growing our party, but to make our state and nation a better place. We promote individual rights and responsibilities; limited, constitutional government; conservative values; and free enterprise. It’s also perfectly fine to have a good time while doing so.

If you’re new to the Eighth District, then you’ve come to a fine place filled with good people. People with deep roots and big hearts; people who love this country and their neighbors in a way that has been forgotten in many places; people who will work tirelessly for good causes and know that there are things far more important than material comforts. Welcome to the land of Friday night football, friendly faces, barbecue, sweet tea, and unabashed patriotism. We’ve been waiting for you.